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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Software is tough, because developer labor is expensive, while time to market is crucial. Efficient CI/CD processes target both, so developers can focus on delivering value. A solid CI/CD pipeline takes care of routine processes during software development, like running tests, deploying, or even creating new environments. This saves up a lot of developer time and makes switching teams easy.

Cloud Infrastructure Architecture

Modern clouds provide numerous products and it is complicated to keep track of them all unless you are working with them on a daily basis. There are many nuances and best practices. Usually it is beneficial to get an external opinion on your planned cloud architecture because this can save a lot of time and effort. The same thing can be done in many ways, but quite often one is more beneficial than the other because of exact use case.

Infrastructure Automation and Configuration Management

One of the biggest advantages of virtualised infrastructure is the ability to define it as code and keep in a version control system. This makes it possible to make incremental changes, test, create copies of environments, deploy changes and rollback infrastructure just as one would do with normal code. This is very powerful, because workflow becomes much more predictable. Quite often infra changes are tricky, especially if you are performing them with zero downtime. This requires deployment plans and even practice executions. Ability to quickly create a copy of production environment makes the task much easier.

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