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AWS Auth Operator

This operator helps to manage 'aws-auth' ConfigMap for AWS EKS.

The challenge with aws-auth ConfigMap this operator is trying to solve is manual effort to maintain the ConfigMap. The ConfigMap allows to let specific AWS IAM Roles and Users to use the EKS cluster, but both approaches are not ideal because:

  • Using MapRoles does not show which user was executing cluster actions in Kubernetes Audit logs
  • Using MapUsers resolves the Kubernetes Audit log issue, but there are no good tools to manage the users

This operator is supposed to solve these problems by providing a tool for automated IAM Group synchronization and aws-auth ConfigMap management.

AWS IAM to EKS User Traceability

Read my blog article on IAM User Traceability in AWS EKS for more information on the use-cases.


Please check the installation section